Bringing together years of experience, Flamingo Development Ltd is a rapid growing plastic and sewing commodity manufacturer with office in Hong Kong and production facilities in China. Our emphasis on product development and quality assurance makes us a prime supplier of major juvenile products corporations worldwide.

We are specialized in promotional cups, baby care products, health care items, nursery products, medical devices and home safety commodities.

  • We have been working stable with a major US customer for designing and producing bibs, promotional cups, and feeding sets for young children.

  • We have also worked with US health care companies whose products can be found in locations all around the United States.

  • We have also made baby bath accessories such as baby potties, stepping stools, and baby bathtubs for the Australian market.

We achieve quality manufacturing by combining all the safety, aesthetic and regulatory requirements of the Global Marketplace. Apart from the US and Australia, we are currently serving customers in the UK, Japan and Taiwan.

Our experienced and innovative designers, engineers and ancillary staff can provide professional assistance on product development and other issues like materials, design and function, cost-effectiveness enhancement as well as quality and accurate shipment.



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